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Your Virtual Accounting Office®

This service is perfect for busy entrepreneurs who have been doing their own bookkeeping or those who have had a bookkeeper that isn't giving them the level of accuracy and/or service that they want and need.

This service may be appropriate for businesses that are in a pre-revenue or low-revenue stage . Because the business owner is spending their valuable time doing accounting instead of strategically pursuing revenue-generating activities, it is recommended that this is a short term situation and that the client advance to Your Virtual Accounting Service as soon as possible.


Choose from these available services:

  • Accounts Receivable: invoice your clients
  • Deposit client payments to your bank account
  • Receive your bills at our PO Box (except for inventory purchases)
  • Accounts Payable: pay your bills on-line and on time
  • Payroll processing and payroll reports, free direct deposit
  • Sales tracking and sales tax reports
  • Record your banking activity
  • Reconcile balance sheet, generate accurate financial statements with trend reports
  • Provide required data to your CPA at tax time
  • Provide secure online portal for data transfer
  • Special reports on request

What our clients say…

I'm so glad we are surrounded and supported by such smart, ethical people. A long time ago I learned to hire the best firms to represent us and yours is certainly the best. Thanks for your great service and professionalism.

- Rena Floyd, Business and Personal Bookkeeping Client since 2006


Your Remote CFO®

This service is perfect for businesses that have an in-house bookkeeper that is working without expert supervision. Your CPA will encourage you to establish internal controls, which simply means don't have one person doing everything with your accounting. With this service we will access your computer remotely through high speed internet to handle some of the higher level accounting functions to discourage fraud.

The cafeteria of services you can select from include…


  • Any of the Your Virtual Accounting Office Services
  • Reconcile your bank, credit card, loan, and other balance sheet accounts
  • Process payroll (if you prefer)
  • Post payroll journal entries
  • Post monthly journal entries
  • Do a general ledger review
  • Generate financial statements and trend reports
  • Create any special reports you require
  • Work with your CPA at tax time
  • Provide secure online portal for data transfer

What our clients say…

…having your oversight on QuickBooks is very valuable to me and I have learned much in the few months that we have been working together.

- Julie Morrison, SPHR, Firm Administrator, Morrison & Associates, CPAs, Your Remote CFO client since 2010


Bill Paying

This service is perfect for busy professionals, people who travel a lot, those with multiple residences, seniors, or anyone who doesn't like to pay bills. We do more than just paying the bills, we'll track where the money was spent. That's helpful for budgeting purposes and getting ready for income tax preparation. If you are an entrepreneur working from home, this service will capture all those household expenses so that your CPA can accurately calculate your home office deduction for your tax return.


Choose from these available services:

  • Receive your bills at our PO box
  • Pay your bills on-line and on time
  • Monitor and reconcile your bank accounts
  • Produce monthly reports for budget use
  • Coordinate with your CPA and other professionals, as needed
  • Provide secure online portal for data transfer

What our clients say…

I had to let you know how much I appreciate your (personal bill pay) service! I can't tell you how relieved I am not to have to worry about paying my bills! Bill paying has always been my least favorite thing to do, but now I never even have to see a bill and I know they will always be on time. So thank you!

- Dana Stout, RN, Personal Bill Pay client since 2004

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